Good Deeds

Good deeds still exist. I went to the Home Depot to pick up some manure and soil for my garden. Good deed #1 – as I am picking up 50lb bags of manure, I had one in the cart, this man walks up and asks how many I am going to need, just one more, he picks it up and puts it in my cart.

Then, I get to my car, now I have 5 bags of soil, manure and compost. I put down paper in my back seat. I have a VWBeetle convertible. The top was down and I started loading the soil in my car. This young guy comes up and says “let me help you before I head home”. He helped my so much! Then he takes my cart and returns it to the cart corral. He didn’t expect anything from it, just being a super nice guy.

I hope this makes you feel better, it made me so happy!


SunTrust Park

SunTrust Park is the new home stadium of the Atlanta Braves.

The park is located up I-75 in Cobb County. Traffic was thought to be the problem, but it was Easter Sunday and it was no problem.


There are restaurants and The Roxy with events held there, right across the street.


Then I saw the Home Depot tools, so I had to get into the picture.IMG_8785

Now, going into the stadium itself. There are a lot of things happening. It is beautiful! To the right was the kids area, they had a zip line for kids in the and tons of interactive games. IMG_8798

Then we turned left to head to our seats..and look who we saw…IMG_8805

Life sized Dale Murphy Bobblehead Doll. Then we head into the Hall of Fame, this was so special. It was awe inspiring.

The space devoted to Hank Aaron is informative and so well done. He is a true hero and a great man.

They also have the World Series Trophy.


Then, we were making our way to our seats in the Infinity Club and look who was outside greeting us.


Chipper Jones Life Sized Bobble head doll.

We made it to our seats…IMG_8821

Boyscouts filed  onto the field and one Boyscout recited the Pledge of Allegiance. His name was Sanjay and he was a good friend of my niece, who was surprised.


and this little girl sang the national anthem, she belted it out. IMG_8833

Here are my nieces (who I love to pieces!)IMG_8816

This is where their parents were sitting!


There truly are no bad seats here and it was a beautiful day!

I will review the food soon!