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Red Pepper Taqueria

Unknown I really love Mexican food. The Mexican food at Red Pepper taqueria is elevated Mexican food. They don’t just bring you chips you have to order salsa trio or guacamole. This is the salsa trio…IMG_4529

(the red one is the best, can you tell?) The red salsa is super good!

I love soup! I ordered the chicken tortilla soup…


It is so flavorful and fresh…

I also got a chicken tinga taco…OMG


They have a lot of different tacos. Everything I have ever tried has been excellent!

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Really, it’s Gus’s World Famous Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken. So, I was driving by and whoa, how could I not stop?

(The parking lot was packed when I first drove by.) My waitress was super nice. Here it is the truth, this chicken is REALLY GREAT!IMG_4363

It carries the perfect amount of heat. It comes with cole slaw and baked beans but you can substitute a bunch of other sides, mac and cheese, fries, collard greens, fried okra etc…


Apparently there are 3 locations in Atlanta, downtown, Chamblee, and Sandy Springs. This is going to be craveable. It is so, unbelievably good!

Good Deeds

Good deeds still exist. I went to the Home Depot to pick up some manure and soil for my garden. Good deed #1 – as I am picking up 50lb bags of manure, I had one in the cart, this man walks up and asks how many I am going to need, just one more, he picks it up and puts it in my cart.

Then, I get to my car, now I have 5 bags of soil, manure and compost. I put down paper in my back seat. I have a VWBeetle convertible. The top was down and I started loading the soil in my car. This young guy comes up and says “let me help you before I head home”. He helped my so much! Then he takes my cart and returns it to the cart corral. He didn’t expect anything from it, just being a super nice guy.

I hope this makes you feel better, it made me so happy!