Zoes Kitchen

Unknown   If you don’t have one near you, find one. If you are in Atlanta, they are all over. They are extremely clean! Food is also clean! It is Mediterranean food. My favorite was tuna pita but they took it off the menu. Their hummus is terrific. Actually, everything I have tried is great!

I went the other day and got the chicken orzo soup, it is really good. They added boxes to the menu. I ordered one of those too. The Modern Mediterranean, it has hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, grilled chicken and mozzarella cheese. Well, I got the soup oh, and I am a slow eater, but the box was not to there yet. So, I went to ask about it. The woman in charge, owner ? or manager? was all over it. I got it about 5 minutes later and she refunded me my money for it for the delay.  I adore great customer service!

I have eaten here a lot and it is so great. I think if you have one near you should try it. Salads are great, kabobs excellent, hummus wonderful. Unknown

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