Red Beans

First you get the best dry Red Beans, Camellia Brans, they are Famous New Orleans Red Beans. (My old neighbor Catherine is originally from New Orleans and turned me on to these.)IMG_0018

Take one pound and cover in chicken stock and boil for ten minutes. While that is happening, fry up some thick bacon….

This brand is really great! Chop up an onion and one stalk of celery and garlic.


Take the bacon out and some of the drippings, but leave enough to sautĂ© the onions, celery and garlic. The put it all in the beans…IMG_0024.JPG

You have to keep adding liquid to the beans because they expand in the process….Then add one bay leaf, some salt and pepper and some cajun seasoning and cook for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.


They are so very good but even better the next day. The next day you can add okra and/or andouille sausage and oh, I love to top with green onions, scallions…. It’s all good!

Tomorrow I will give you a tip on how to get rid of the garlic smell on your hands!

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