Just for the Halibut!


I started out with the grits. I sautéd some jalapeños and green onions in butter. The grits were cooking and I threw the sautéed onions and jalapeños in and continued cooking. I marinated the halibut in olive oil and lemon and dill and garlic for about 1/2 an hour. I chopped up a little cucumber, scallion, and tomato and put some redwine vinegar and a little olive oil and salt and pepper. IMG_0079

When the grits were done cooking, I put some parmesan, mixed cheese. I didn’t want the cheese to overtake the grits.

So, I put the grits down first on the plate, the Halibut next and finished with the tomato relish/salad.  It was unbelievable! The grits weren’t too heavy and cut with the tomato, cucumber onion and the halibut was perfectly light and bright.


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