Meatless Monday

I googled “best veggie burger in Atlanta”, Grindhouse Killer Burgers came up a lot. I thought I should try them out for veggie burgers. (I have have had the meat variety and it is very good, french fries are okay)

It is a great looking burger of the black bean Quinoa version of a veggie burger. It was good, but not the best, in my mind. I have a problem, I have the memory of the best veggie burger ever. It was many years in college, a SunBuger. Would it be as good today?

I am on another quest, I will find the best veggie burger in Atlanta, while trying to create one in my kitchen. I will keep you posted.348s.jpg

3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday”

    1. That is really cool! I find I eat less and less meat each week, but I haven’t cut it out totally. I want to show people it is not as hard as they think and it is totally satisfying!

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