Toco Hill

Is it an Indian mound? A famous hill in Atlanta? A super secret location? It is actually a shopping center built in the 1950’s and the whole area around it became Toco Hills.


For about the last year and a half they have been giving the shopping center a facelift. It is anchored by Publix Grocery Store and Kroger.

And a Pikes nursery…


This place is huge. Any cuisine you desire. Best Bagels in Atlanta….

(I like Goldbergs better)


Good fajitas, good chicken soup and a few very good tacos. There is a Jimmy Johns, and a Steak and Shake.


Ace is the place with the helpful Hardware man, not so much here. But I do love it!


Chris’ Pizza is really very good and they have a good brunch too.


There are three nail salons, this is my fav!

There is a massage place, a frozen yogurt shop, an Ice Cream stand, Learning center and a book store.

If you come to Atlanta and need an Ace hardware, here’s the place!

Meatless Monday

Sometimes when it’s a holiday weekend, I forget it’s Meatless Monday. Luckily, my subconscious took over and I had a half of a tomato sandwich for breakfast.

For lunch, I went to Mediterranean Grill. I had never been before, but you know the menu. So, I got the falafel pita. It was delicious!

For dinner, I made a boca burger and a yummy bite size caprese salad. Start with fresh ripe tomatoes.


cut up and drizzle with balsamic glaze.


Then tear up fresh basil, smelling so aromatic. Finally top with mozzarella cheese.



So, fresh and scrumptious! Get some good Mozza though…