I went to lunch at one of my favorite spots yesterday, Community Q BBQ. There was a chef in front of me in line, Chef Ford Fry. He is an amazing chef with 10, not good but great restaurants in Atlanta. He is like every “celebrity ” chef or otherwise, just a person.

So for some reason, I have run into a lot of celebrities. I never ever, except once, talk to them. I ran into George Brett in New York, but the Kansas City Royals were playing the Yankees. I knew his brother, but of course they had a falling out. I transgress.. sorry. Wait and Yogie Berra bought me a drink!

So two years ago, Kevin Gillespie, another chef was behind me in line at Turner Field. He has a few restaurants in Atlanta and was on Top Chef, he was a fan favorite. Such a nice guy though.

Have you run into celebrities? How have they been?

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