You scream, I scream

We all scream for ice cream!

I thought about doing a post on where to find great ice cream in Atlanta, but, I only made it to one place that was super cool ~ Roll It UP ~ Unknown

At Roll it Up, you can get your ice cream two ways – rolled ice cream or with liquid nitrogen. I ordered the rolled ice cream. You pick a base, I picked cream. Next you pick your filling, I picked oreo. Next a topping, just oreo again.


So, they pour the cream on these super cold metal sheets and chop up the filling. They push the liquid around to get it frozen…


Then, they form one layer and take a spatula and form the roll. The end product looks like this…IMG_0654

Most Important – taste, super yummy!

(It was pretty crowded and the wait was about 20 minutes, but you get to watch them make it)

Roll it up is located on Buford Hwy in Doraville.

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