Food Memories

Every morning Bradley Cooper has a boiled egg, and I slice it, oh and I have three of the slices for breakfast. The ones I had this morning were so good, but they are ones I left in the water too long and had a little darkness around the yolk.Unknown-2 So, I remembered how my mother made hard boiled eggs. She put the eggs in water in a pot waited for them to boil. She then covered them and just let them sit, for up to an hour, until they cooled and put them in the fridge. So, that was my taste memory. I liked the taste better, because that ‘s what I remembered.

Then I had a sweet tea at a restaurant and I mentioned to the waiter that the tea was great! He said, that is so funny, it’s instant iced tea, Nestea. Okay then, that makes sense. Until sun tea came into fashion, this is the tea my mother made. She is not from the south. Unknown-3

But the one taste memory I do not like anymore is Stouffer’s Lasagna. The tomato sauce is cloyingly sweet and has no depth.

Do you have any weird food memories?

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