Hawks – Emory Healthcare Facility


This amazing facility was built in my neighborhood. I have been dying to see it. I got my chance today. I got to take a tour. We started on the Emory side.


This is the rehab for surgical services such as knee replacement, shoulder surgery, foot and ankle, hip etc… IMG_0797

This is an imaging machine of some sort. This one is one you can stand in and it can scan.

Then we headed over to the Hawks (professional basketball team) side.IMG_0803


This is the kitchen, with a chef and help and two separate kitchen’s.


An outdoor area to eat and enjoy. Two grills and a big green egg (I will take you on a tour of that later) Those chairs are oversized to accommodate a bigger person. IMG_0814

A heated lap pool.


The obvious.

Their lockers, these are just for training. This is their practice facility.


There is so much more to see and tell. It is truly amazing. They have technology that will change every athletes life. I was so lucky to visit!


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