The Tree – Part One

I went to get a Christmas tree today. I went to Home Depot. It’s hard to find a tree there, because A. no one helps you. B. There are tons of trees piled up on top of each other, so it’s hard to look through a bunch of them. C. I feel like they just do not care.

So I left, I was not feeling it. I went to Pike’s Nursery. Pikes is a local company, that is owned by a company in California. It was a local company, but this other company either bought them out or acquired them. Anyway, Christmas trees are expensive, but they have some 6 to 7 foot frasier furs for $34.99. Here’s where the difference kicks in. All of there trees are up and displayed. They are all in water. Many people are there to help and they are super nice! I found a tree! I took the tag to the register, the tree goes to the back to be netted and have the base get a trim.  So, I am a play in the dirt person, and I have $25.00 in play in the dirt bucks, my tree was $12.44! Yahoo. Okay, here it is.


I love it! I will update you with part two, the tree decorated.

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