Snowed in…

What do you do when you are snowed in? Make something new, hash browns with brussel sprouts… and french toast using chicago italian bread.

Hash browns with potatoes, onions, garlic and brussel sprouts. Unknown

Why haven’t more people been turned onto these….

Then the French toast… two eggs and a splash of milk, a bit of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon and using chicago italian bread.


They were delicious.


ConnorBear is Bradley Cooper’s best friend! IMG_4499

Connor came here from Istanbul, Turkey. They have two groups of strays, golden retrievers that wander in the town and those in the forrest. Connor was a townie. We found out a little while ago that he is probably a Kuvasz/ Golden mix. IMG_0483

He is a sweet dog and extremely protective of his family. He lives next door, with Josi, his person. IMG_0380

But he runs over to his buddy Coop’s house when he can. He wants to protect him,IMG_0161

He is the Best!!!

ConnorBear went off to heaven today,  12/06/17 I miss him so much!


The Tree – Part One

I went to get a Christmas tree today. I went to Home Depot. It’s hard to find a tree there, because A. no one helps you. B. There are tons of trees piled up on top of each other, so it’s hard to look through a bunch of them. C. I feel like they just do not care.

So I left, I was not feeling it. I went to Pike’s Nursery. Pikes is a local company, that is owned by a company in California. It was a local company, but this other company either bought them out or acquired them. Anyway, Christmas trees are expensive, but they have some 6 to 7 foot frasier furs for $34.99. Here’s where the difference kicks in. All of there trees are up and displayed. They are all in water. Many people are there to help and they are super nice! I found a tree! I took the tag to the register, the tree goes to the back to be netted and have the base get a trim.  So, I am a play in the dirt person, and I have $25.00 in play in the dirt bucks, my tree was $12.44! Yahoo. Okay, here it is.


I love it! I will update you with part two, the tree decorated.

More from Emory and the Hawks…


This is the Hawk’s signing room, where they plan to sign new players to the team.


Really just wanted a shot of the ATL Artwork, but this is the mayor of Brookhaven, John Ernst.


Again, I just liked the art, I have no idea who this gentleman is.


This is actually a Hawks player, Taurean Prince, and super nice. IMG_0831

This is my friend Wilson, here for a haircut. There is a beautiful massage chair for mani pedi’s too.


If you need replacement surgery and physical therapy, you should really check into this!