Rotisserie Chicken

The beauty of the Rotisserie Chicken is all you can get out of it. UnknownYou buy it for dinner, chicken with a side and salad.

The Next Day: Now the fun part, pull all of the rest of the chicken off the bone. Put the bones and skin in a dutch oven and start cleaning out the fridge. I added leftover onions, and peppers, broccoli stems, celery, carrots, the liquid I used in steaming veggies from the week and you will need add some water too. . This needs to cook for hours. while this is cooking make a salad for lunch with some baby spinach and arugula and top with some of the chicken with a light avocado/ ranch dressing.

Strain the broth, for dinner, use some of the broth with carrots and celery and orzo and some more of the pulled chicken. Delicious.

Now I have some leftover soup. Broth in the freezer and refrigerator.  I still can make a chicken salad tomorrow. That’s a lot of meals out of one chicken!



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