A new pizza place opened near me. Actually Macy and Murphy, from yesterday, IMG_1490

their Dad’s recommended it, with a “very good” rating.

This morning it has been raining off and on. Coop and I couldn’t get in our walk. So I decided to go for a walk on a trail. A little voice told me to take my umbrella. I ignored it and got soaking wet. I was walking for maybe 10 minutes. Oh well, live and learn. So, what to do, go get some lunch, possibly pizza?

I went to Unknown-1

I have to admit, things did not start out well. I just ordered the margherita pizza, it seemed like the easiest thing to do. I started to get some cash out to pay, when the guy behind the counter says “we are a cash free establishment” Oh, okay, no big deal. So, I pay with a credit card and the tip page comes up. This rubs me the wrong way, I would rather, leave a tip based on service. I grabbed some napkins and some tea and found a seat.

They also sell items, like cookbooks and olive oils and balsamic vinegar, beautiful wooden items, etc.Unknown-2

The poor counter guy was also the server and busser. He was running around like crazy, but never got snippy. It took a little while for the pizza to come, but not an unreasonable amount of time. They were out of forks and knives. The guy keeps saying he will bring some. I finally just picked up a slice and eat it.

This was so really really great. This is one of the best pizzas I have had in Atlanta. It might become my favorite place. Next time I want to check out the Eggplant parmesan pie!


I did have leftovers though. (Oh and I left the guy a few more dollars, he deserved it)

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