Fox Bros BBQ

I love Fox Brother’s Bar B Que. I believe it is the best in town. They opened Fox Brothers Bar B Que Que-Osk on Ottley Drive right down the street from Sweet Water Brewery.


It’s made out of a shipping container, so cool. They serve breakfast and lunch. Today they were out of ribs, fatty brisket and collards so, I got a pulled chicken sandwich.IMG_0320

It was huge! I also got some brunswick stew….IMG_0321.jpg

It was very hot but yummy. I think I need to try their pimento cheese and possibly a frito pie, (Chili over fritos in the bag covered with onions and jalapeños)

Definitely worth a trip.


5 thoughts on “Fox Bros BBQ”

  1. I see more and more businesses out of shipping containers here in Toronto. It’s an idea whose time is overdue! Seems like a fab place!

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