New Cookbook

I love cookbooks, I love to watch cooking shows. I just received a new cookbook called Turnip Greens and Tortillas, A Mexican Chef Spices up the Southern Kitchen, by Eddie Hernandez.


I actually had lunch at Taqueria Del Sol (one of his restaurants) today. I had a fried new Mexican pepper taco with turnip greens and charros beans. I use his turnip greens recipe for my collard greens. Everything was great today for lunch. I was excited to read his cookbook.

It is a really good cookbook and story of his life. He starts each chapter with a story about either how he missed good soups when he came to the U.S. So, he started learning how to make them. It is a really good read and an interesting look at life and what’s really important.

I can’t wait to cook something up from it. I will show you it when I do!

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