El Taco Veloz

UnknownThis was always my go to place for great tacos and burritos. The best part is their green sauce, so spicy, delicious! It is a great little drive thru place. They do have picnic tables so you can eat there. Unknown It’s a fun great place. Unknown-1 The tacos are really good, the burritos are huge.

Then I found Taco Veloz #9! They have a full menu. I ordered the chicken soup..IMG_0346

Yes it was a huge piece of chicken on the bone. The broth was so clean and clear and pure. It was a great chicken soup. I had it for dinner too. I also ordered a chicken tamale. It was smallish but the tastiest tamale I have had in Atlanta. IMG_0345

It has a salsa bar too and they had that killer green salsa on it! Marvelous!!!

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