Truly Thankful

I haven’t posted in a few days because I was in an accident. I was lucky, just broke a femur, but Bradley Cooper is okay too. He was injured but is recovering.


This is him being released from the vet, thank god for my Dear Friend Ed and great new friend Scott who made it all possible. Scott rushed him to the emergency vet and went above and beyond being a great human being from there. Ed and Wilson have always been great friends but they took this little injured guy in and loved on him and figured out how to get him to eat and found a onsie so he wouldn’t itch his wound. All these people including my dear friend Josi were coordinating his care while I was in the hospital.


Stuck in the hall in the trauma unit at Grady Hospital. The Best Hospital in the Southeast for Trauma. I initially went to Emory, where the people were awesome, but this is consistent in the care I received the whole time. At 5:24 I was moved into a private room.


This is what heaven looks like. Peace, much more than it was. Thank god for all the angels that come into our lives! My heart is bursting with thanksgiving.

My friend Josi went above and beyond also taking Coop in next and trying to get him to eat. Then coordinating my pick up and putting on the toilet that was left here by my friend Susan (that I would be dead without) Helping me get my meds and moving everything out of my way in my house, doing all this while having to rush home to take care of Bodhi and Coop.


This is my femur post op. Femur is so thankful to so many! When I came out of surgery my friend Catherine was there with things I needed (that I didn’t know I needed) Just seeing her made me feel so much better!!! Then my friend Susan showed up a minute later. Susan spending a few afternoons with me, which did my heart good.  This is why there are so so many to be thankful for, friends helping and texting, neighbors and family reaching out, angel nurses and doctors and therapists. Way to many people to thank.

Thanks to all and love to all!!!


8 thoughts on “Truly Thankful”

  1. So grateful to know it wasn’t worse for you and Bradley Cooper, Jan! I Am wishing you well, sending comforting Angel Hugs and Sweet Blessings to you both, for a speedy recovery. From my HEART to your HEART in Love, Betty 💞

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