Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Flyover

On Saturday there was a flyover by the BlueAngels and Thunderbirds. They flew over a few hospitals in the Atlanta area, to honor the people working the front lines. If you have ever seen a flyover, you know how awesome it truly is. It moves you through your body and wells up through your soul.

It was to start at 1:35.

I decided to walk up to a field behind a church up the street.


Here’s my cheer squad, Lola, Flash and Meatball.


Lola is lovely, as always.

I waited and then I heard the roar…

Then this is what I saw..


They flew around the other side to Emory Hospital and off of the expressway. It was a beautiful day though and a lot of other people in Atlanta enjoyed it!

Thank you to the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds and everyone working on the front lines and behind the scenes through all of this. Thank you to all the people staying home.



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