Garden 2020

I didn’t take a before photo of my garden, but I let it go for over a year, so it looked a little like this…IMG_2122 2

Okay maybe not this bad, but it was weedy and a lot of work.

Here is my little garden…

That’s 5 tomato plants and one jalepeno, one cucumber and one squash.

Here is it now…IMG_2124

Oh, the big plant in the back is oregano, it just never dies and comes back every year. I love tomatoes so, fingers crossed, I hope this works out well this year then I can make this…61125729775__DB16BF96-73B9-4911-A5D1-107080815663

and this….


I will keep you posted on the progress!

3 thoughts on “Garden 2020”

  1. Jan . . . Looking good. Would love to chat with you. Give me a “holler” next time you are working the garden. Thomas has chipped away little by little with some mowing. He and Steph have been unusually attentive. Hugs to you and Coopie.~Harriet

    1. Hopefully I will have some tomatoes to share with you! I hope y’all are hanging in there! Your yard looks good, Thomas did good!

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