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What is Grace?

In the middle of a heated argument, when you are about to say an awful thing that cannot be unsaid and that little voice says, “don’t say it…”  that is grace.

When you are standing in line and the woman in front of you is at wits end with her kids and trying just to do it and you smile with love   that is grace

Really Rocking

I have been painting rocks since I was a child… I kinda forgot I did but my brothers both found different rocks at different times.


The “eye rock” was one of many I painted with eyes on them. Then I guess I painted a rainbow. We had to sell my parents house and this was left in the house. The only thing and my brother found it. New beginnings!

So, about a week ago I decided to paint some rocks and leave them around my neighborhood.  Apparently this is a popular thing to do, not in my neighborhood but around the country.

I started with…

Then I painted…


I only have two more rocks. There aren’t really rocks like this in my yard or around, unless someone has used them for landscaping.

I ran out to the store and on the way back I saw some rocks! They were at La Quinta a motel. I am going to see if I can talk to the manager next week to see if I can pay him for some rocks.

I did stop and grab a few though…IMG_2160

I know, I know, crazy rock lady. I can also contact a landscape company, or Home Depot.

I will keep you updated for my newest project. IMG_2114 2