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Atlanta Braves Day Game

IMG_7487It was a beautiful day for a Braves game. This is the last season the Braves will be playing at Turner Field. Next year they move out to Cobb county to a gorgeous new complex, SunTrust Field.  (I still like this stadium)

So, I went to a kiosk to purchase a ticket. Got it, got in, got seated. There were a lot of groups of children all over. You could tell by their matching t-shirts.IMG_7482


So, I thought, that’s nice, but I am out here alone in the outfield. Then they descended on me about at least 50 kids all around me and I ended up helping to give out the box lunches.Then I had to get out of there. Too many too hot too much. I went to grab lunch.

I went to get The Holeman and Finch cheeseburger.images-4

So mushy yummy gooey good!images-3Housemade pickles, two beef patties cheese and mustard and ketchup on a buttered toasted bun. This is an excellent burger, you can get this at Ponce City Market also. (And at Holeman and Finch, the restaurant)

I watched the next few innings I watched standing up. A nice couple asked me to take their photo. I did and he said I was a natural. Thank you!

Atlanta Braves Another Great Day Game

IMG_2798Today the weather was perfect and the traffic wasn’t too bad. So I drove down, went to a kiosk and purchased tickets, it is so incredibly easy. Oh and you can get tickets for as little as $10.00. Staycationwise, you could bring in your own food and water and not spend that much for a fun day for your family.IMG_2833This was this adorable guy’s first baseball game. He was so cute.We were up at Sky Field. (I had never been)IMG_2838Look at these big ole coke bottle adirondack chairs. That is a full grown Dodgers fan sitting there. Pretty funny, huh?

Then down to the outfield for a Holeman & Finch burger. Yahoo.H & F BurgerMy photo doesn’t do it justice. It is so good and Kevin Gillespie was right behind me in line. He is chef/owner Gunshow, he was on Top Chef. Just from watching Top Chef he was a fan favorite and a really nice guy. 

IMG_2836I think a Braves game is one of the most perfect staycation idea, even if the Braves lose. (Which they did)


Braves Day Game at Turner Field!

IMG_2639The Atlanta Braves played the San Diego Padres in a 12:10 game. It started out on a sour note. The traffic getting to the game is a atrocious. Is has not gotten any better over the years. But once you get there it is a breeze! The game day staff is welcoming and friendly. It is incredibly easy to go to a kiosk and order a ticket (tickets start at $8.00). 

I found our seats, right in center field. IMG_2640They were great seats. My friend Jack Tyson once said, “There are no bad seats at Turner Field”, he is correct. There was a wonderful breeze. The breeze kept wafting the a wonderful aroma of burgers. 

Holeman and Finch is a restaurant that at 10:00 each evening 24 hamburgers are prepared. Well they have two stands in the outfield. I had to see if the hype was for real. Okay, believe it, it was awesome, fabulous, out of this world! IMG_2656This cute guy took my order. Cheeseburger and fries, $12.00. Two beef patties with cheese and a great mustard, and pickles, and the buns, lightly toasted. Excellent! 

This is a great StayCation activity, that all the kids and adults can enjoy.Braves outfield seatsThe crowd wasn’t huge but they really got into the game. Go enjoy and let me know what you think!