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Another Great Blue Heron on another creek!

Heron 3Apparently a common site in creeks in Georgia. Here is my second in a few weeks. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone though.Heron 1They are cool looking. This trail is really new and they just finished adding more plants and trees this week.

I found the homeless people’s “home”. I was going to take a picture, but, I just didn’t think it was right. Just seemed nosy and invasive. I will keep to wildlife….

Great Blue Heron

IMG_3745Staycationers can be surprised every day with something new on a walk. On this walk on the creek, I have seen ducks and birds, but everyday things. Today I was lucky enough to come upon this Heron.IMG_3749I came upon upon it on one end of the creek and it took off. Amazing wing span! My camera was not out, so I missed that amazing part. I did get to seed it again.IMG_3750Keep your eyes peeled you never know what you will see!