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Sheep at LaVista Park

IMG_7057The neighborhood I live in is called LaVista Park…IMG_7067and there actually is a Park within our neighborhood called LaVista Park. Part of it is overgrown with ivy and weeds. So, some sheep were called in for help!IMG_7060


These sheep are huge. Well there job is to eat, so, I guess they do a great job. IMG_7071


There are two big ole sheep dogs protecting the flock. There is an electric fence, so keep the kiddies and pets away. IMG_7065

I think it is a really fun cool thing to see, and the park is fun too.


LaVista Park Fall Festival

It is fall again, time for the Fall Festivals! My neighborhood had their annual one today. IMG_6412Friends and neighbors all around, a fun time for all! IMG_6415They had food from Rain (Sushi, Thai, Chinese, excellent food!) Marco’s Pizza and they were grilling burgers. IMG_6413Pizzas delivered by delivery and fireman.

IMG_6419Coop enjoyed his really big water bowl, didn’t even notice all the cans and bottles. They had a silent auction, raffles (that were obviously rigged, no I did not win) Zumba classes, a cake walk and a really old magician, who amused many young children! IMG_6425Zumba…

It was a great day! IMG_6426