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New Day New Park Yahoo!!!

Hahn Woods is a beautiful, peaceful easy place to hike and walk the dog. IMG_3556

It is located on Emory University Campus and the creekside trail continues on to Lullwater Park.

IMG_3529We started out on the upper trail. It is about two minutes long but beautiful. IMG_3532Then we went down to the creek side.IMG_3538That is Houston Mill Rd, you can go under it and continue on the trail. We decided to go the other way first. IMG_3545It is so quiet and peaceful.IMG_3550It is so quiet, but beware, there are some joggers on the trail and they come up on you fast and it can spook you.

It is truly lovely. This is on the banks of the South Fork of Peachtree Creek. It is amazing! Let me know if you have been.

Tanyard Creek Park (another great walking park)

Tanyard Creek Park is off of Collier Road and in 2010 they completed the Northside Trail on the BeltLine.

Parts of the Civil War were also fought here. IMG_3373There are a lot of historical markers here. When I got my 1st dog, I used to bring her here, but it didn’t have the BeltLine back then. It is a beautiful park though.IMG_3375That is Collier Road, you go underneath and there is some really cool artwork.IMG_3376Keep going and you walk past Bobby Jones Golf Course.IMG_3383IMG_3386Lots of geese on the course, what a big mess, huh? They are doing a ton of construction at the old Colonial Hills Complex, it was scaring Coop out so we turned around. Staycationers will love this park there are two playground areas.IMG_3409When you get to the end of this portion you are in some town homes.IMG_3413Then to get back you go through a cool covered bridge under a railroad trestle, very cool.IMG_3419Yes that is Bradley Cooper posing! It is a beautiful park, and not too crowded. IMG_3421Have you been here? Is there a park near you I should visit?