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Snowy Day – Il Bacio – Comfort Italian Food

Il Bacio lis located on Sidney Marcus across from the Home Depot. It is a really good pizza place. I had always ordered a slice of pizza. oIt was always very good. Then, I ordered a fish dish one time and it was great. So today I ordered a pasta soup and spaghetti and meatballs. Such a disappointment. Il Bacio 2The soup was flavorless. Simply boring. The spaghetti and meatballs Il Bacio 1were okay, well, the pasta was good and the marinara was good but the meatballs were too dense and just not good.

When I return, and I will, I advise you to order the pizza.l-1Avocado salad pizza, need I say more? Oh and they have gelato! Yummy!

Homemade Pizza

It has been a cold few days around a lot of the country, including Atlanta. I decided to make a pizza. Pizza 2Okay full disclosure, the crust was made by Publix and the sauce was from a jar and the Pepperoni is turkey pepperoni. It was pretty good. The pepperoni was very good! I also put some baby Portabello mushrooms, those were excellent.Pizza 1It might not be the prettiest pie but it was good. Chili or chicken soup tomorrow? What do you think? Maybe a beef stew?