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Zoo Atlanta

ImageZoo Atlanta is the perfect destination for your Staycation! It was a beautiful cool day, so the animals were out and active (for the most part.) The pandas were so cute and growing up so fast.

ImageImageThey have lots of new animals and cool plants. They are updating a lot of the animals habitats.

ImageIsn’t this cat beautiful? There are so many babies at the zoo right now. You need to check it out.

The gorillas were a hoot.ImageThis little guy had everyone in stitches. But the big guy watching over everything was the best.ImageDoesn’t he just look like a dad?

The lion cubs were sacked out. Adorable!ImageOh and a noteworthy fact, they sell beer at the zoo. I don’t think they sell much of it though, I don’t think they knew where they were, when I, oh I mean the person in front of me ordered one.

Get out there yourself and enjoy the zoo!