Sherry’s Produce


Sherry’s Produce is a place I have mentioned before, this is a mural on one of its walls. They have a little bit of everything, veggies, plants, sauces. Their tomatoes are really very good! Oh and their boiled peanuts are GREAT!Image

It is located on Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker. Afterwards, I was in such a meat market… really across the street, there is a meat market. Image

This is the first time I have been here. It was very clean! I bought a steak and a couple of pieces of bacon. I haven’t cooked or eaten yet. Prices are good. The meat looks much better than Publix, and that’s where I shop. I will follow up with the cooked results. The bacon is for the lima beans I bought across the street. The people that work at both places are super nice! Check them out and let me know what you think. 

3 thoughts on “Sherry’s Produce”

    1. I marinated the steak in a Vidalia onion vinaigrette and some soy sauce and some lime juice. I fried it in my Lodge cast iron pan, I love the grill marks you get. I dried off the meat and put salt and fresh ground pepper on the steak. I put the bacon in a medium pan and fried it till it was crispy. Took it out, put in about a half of an onion chopped. Cook the onion till soft. Add in the beans and cover them with chicken broth. Bring it up to a boil, then crumble the bacon in and cook on low for about a half an hour.
      The steak was wonderful and the lima beans would bring tears to your eyes, so good. Tonight, I picked some green beans from my garden, those will be dinner! Yahoo!

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