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Sherry’s Produce


Sherry’s Produce is a place I have mentioned before, this is a mural on one of its walls. They have a little bit of everything, veggies, plants, sauces. Their tomatoes are really very good! Oh and their boiled peanuts are GREAT!Image

It is located on Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker. Afterwards, I was in such a meat market… really across the street, there is a meat market. Image

This is the first time I have been here. It was very clean! I bought a steak and a couple of pieces of bacon. I haven’t cooked or eaten yet. Prices are good. The meat looks much better than Publix, and that’s where I shop. I will follow up with the cooked results. The bacon is for the lima beans I bought across the street. The people that work at both places are super nice! Check them out and let me know what you think. 

David’s Produce (on LaVista)

ImageDavid’s Produce & Specialties is a super fun shop crammed full of a crazy array of sauces, soups, jams, veggies, eggs, fresh butterbeans, black eyed peas, cakes, cookies, brownies, grits, cornmeal and knives. Two years ago I bought the greatest tomato knife here.

But, before you enter, you have to walk around front to see all of their BEAUTIFUL flowers, they are extremely healthy. There are also a great variety of plants.


Go inside and don’t get overwhelmed, there are a lot of things in here, but it is also very comfortable. Do you like hot sauces or know someone that does, you have to check out the variety. It is awesome!

ImageWhat did I pick up? Some grits, Low Country Creole, Boiled Peanuts, Tomatoes, okay, I picked up some Brownies too… David said they were great!IMG_1120

Go check it out, I know I probably forgot something, let me know what you think.