Quest for the BEST – FAJITAS Tacos & Tequilla

T & T MenuIf I don’t find the BEST soon, I might just be burning myself out on Fajitas. Today it was Tacos & Tequilla. It is a lively place. Cool looking inside. T & T InsideI think they had a little trouble deciding who would be my waiter, but it was just a hiccup. So, I ordered queso and then the chicken fajitas and a lime and some jalepeno slices. I pour the jalepeno slices into the queso, and they were a little spicy, but made it really good! Out came the fajitas…T & T FajitasLots of onions and peppers and although the chicken was grilled and sliced, they were still pretty tender and juicy. This was very good, the best thing about these fajitas was the salsa. This is some great salsa. I am going  to continue the quest. The next restaurant will be a hole in the wall. I will report later. Let me know if you have any suggestions. 

Oh, they have 3 locations, Buckhead, Midtown and Cumming!

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