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Quest for the Best – Fajitas – La Hacienda

IMG_4153Oh Yes, La Hacienda is in Midtown Atlanta. The staff is super nice and the food is very good!

The cheese dip is great, because it has the chopped up jalepenos and they do not charge you extra for them. You start with two types of salsa.Fajitas2The yummy cheese dip….Fajitas1Then the fajitas…Fajitas 4Yeah! They cut the chicken up before they cooked them. These were very good. Fajitas 5Beans and rice, pico and guac, all very good, the rice especially.

Fajitas3Cute decor. I recommend this place as very good for fajitas.

Quest for the BEST – Fajitas – Nuevo Laredo Cantina

IMG_3645Nuevo Laredo Cantina has long been an Atlanta Favorite Mexican Restaurant. There usually is a long wait line out of the door. Today, there was plenty of parking and I walked in and was seated immediately. They have one of my favorite salsas.Chips and salsaOnto the fajitas, they didn’t sizzle but they were great. Fajitas 1They are seasoned well and cooked perfectly. The rice is definitely the best I have ever had. They are also the most expensive so far. – $18.95. It was a lot of food, but not any more than I have gotten for a lot less. So far, I would say these are the BEST I have had. I will continue my quest and report back to you!


Quest for the Best – Fajitas – Red Pepper Tacqueria

It’s back, Quest for the Best – Fajitas. I took a brief break from the Fajita Road for a few weeks and I came back strong, I thought I had a great contender. Red Pepper Tacqueria is a great Mexican restaurant near me with at least one other restaurant.  All of the tacos I have had there in the past have been great! So, it was time to test their fajitas. Fajitas #1The first fajita was excellent. They had a good amount of flavor in the chicken itself, then they used Zucchini and Yellow Squash along with peppers and onions (I personally would have liked a garlic flavor in there too). The guacamole was excellent! But, as I have stated in previous blogs the problem is the cut the chicken before it could rest and all of the juices run out and the flavor goes with it.  So, fajita number two was disappointing. It was sad because it could be great and the rest of their food is very good, to great.

I started with the Tortilla Soup. Fajitas #3It was a huge cup of deliciousness. Lot’s of veggies in there with strips of chicken and a full lovely broth.

So, the quest continues, more later!

Quest for the BEST – FAJITAS Tacos & Tequilla

T & T MenuIf I don’t find the BEST soon, I might just be burning myself out on Fajitas. Today it was Tacos & Tequilla. It is a lively place. Cool looking inside. T & T InsideI think they had a little trouble deciding who would be my waiter, but it was just a hiccup. So, I ordered queso and then the chicken fajitas and a lime and some jalepeno slices. I pour the jalepeno slices into the queso, and they were a little spicy, but made it really good! Out came the fajitas…T & T FajitasLots of onions and peppers and although the chicken was grilled and sliced, they were still pretty tender and juicy. This was very good, the best thing about these fajitas was the salsa. This is some great salsa. I am going  to continue the quest. The next restaurant will be a hole in the wall. I will report later. Let me know if you have any suggestions. 

Oh, they have 3 locations, Buckhead, Midtown and Cumming!

Quest for the BEST – FAJITAS Cheeky (in East Cobb)

Cheeky's FrontIn my quest for the Best, I went to another chain, in East Cobb. It was a treck, but well worth it. I have eaten at Cheeky before, but only tacos and enchiladas. I really like their salsa, and so far their cheese dip is the BEST I have tried. It’s a melted white cheese with a pickled jalepeno puree (that is what put it over the top!)

Now to the main item, the fajitas, they were good, they had the most variety of veggies under the chicken. Zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and peppers were the veggies today. Cheeky's Chicken FajitasThis was a really good fajita, the problem with this and many fajitas that are served in this fashion is that it is grilled and then sliced right afterward, so all the juices run out. They should serve it as one piece or cut it before it is grilled. 

All in all it is a good fajita, you should try it. But, everything else I have had here has been very very good! They have 3 locations, East Cobb, Suwanee and Cumming.

The search continues! Give me some new ideas if you have them!

Cheeky's Charros beans