Emory Point

A trip to Emory Point is a great Staycation. It is located across from the CDC in Atlanta.IMG_3205You can park for free during the day in the parking garage and shop or go to restaurants.IMG_3198The General Muir is the most popular restaurant here and while it is good, it usually requires a good wait. There are several other good restaurants, Marlow’s Tavern, Tin Lizzy’s, IMG_3153La Tagliatella, Paradise Biryani Point, Burger Fi (They have an awesome hotdog!), Fresh to Order, Chow Mei Mei. This dish is from La Tagliatella Tagliatella 3this was excellent for lunch and then again for dinner. There were two huge meatballs in there too.

They also have movie nights and special events, oh, and a Farmers Market every IMG_3152Wednesday.

Yesterday, they had Angels Among Us Pet Rescue with a bunch of adoptable dogs, so cute and so sweet.IMG_3164So take a trip over and check it out, let me know what you think!

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