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Emory Point

A trip to Emory Point is a great Staycation. It is located across from the CDC in Atlanta.IMG_3205You can park for free during the day in the parking garage and shop or go to restaurants.IMG_3198The General Muir is the most popular restaurant here and while it is good, it usually requires a good wait. There are several other good restaurants, Marlow’s Tavern, Tin Lizzy’s,¬†IMG_3153La Tagliatella, Paradise Biryani Point, Burger Fi (They have an awesome hotdog!), Fresh to Order, Chow Mei Mei. This dish is from La Tagliatella¬†Tagliatella 3this was excellent for lunch and then again for dinner. There were two huge meatballs in there too.

They also have movie nights and special events, oh, and a Farmers Market every IMG_3152Wednesday.

Yesterday, they had Angels Among Us Pet Rescue with a bunch of adoptable dogs, so cute and so sweet.IMG_3164So take a trip over and check it out, let me know what you think!