Piedmont Park (again)

IMG_3425Piedmont Park has two dog parks. One for big dogs and one for small dogs. There were two Yorkies and a yellow lab in the small dog park (I think the couple of owners were making a connection, very cute). This is the big dog park. It was an overcast day (obviously)

IMG_3426The park is huge and absolutely lovely. It is a great time to visit because it is so cool and not too crowded.IMG_3433This is the pool, which is closed now but just so beautiful. IMG_3435Another shot, I thought I had a shot of the bath house, I will have to look. In this shot you can see the lake behind the pool. So peaceful! IMG_3436They were having something called Wonderlust 108, Music, yoga, games it was wonderful music to walk around the park to.IMG_3446There was a photo shoot on the gazebo.IMG_3460Lots of softball, and beach volleyball going on.IMG_3459Atlanta Botanical Gardens are right next door, we should go visit soon!

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