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Atlanta Beltline

We started in The Old Fourth Ward and climbed up to the Beltline. IMG_5648  This is looking down at the Old Fourth Ward from the Beltline…IMG_5647

The Beltline is very well kept and has amazing artwork and architecture on the walk. IMG_5577This is Ponce City Market, it is going to be super cool for great shops and unique places to eat.IMG_5644Cool artwork on the Beltline!IMG_5585   IMG_5600    IMG_5609    IMG_5624

IMG_5627  IMG_5640

The Beltline leads you into Piedmont Park and this group of bike riders came up behind me…IMG_5634 Apparently the Atlanta Police must have a bike riding series for kids for the summer…pretty cool!

If you have the chance, you really need to check it out…IMG_5590(Additional information….this was built on old railway corridors and the Ponce City Market was the old Sears Building. The trains would run directly into the Sears Building, thus this sign…IMG_5580Pretty cool huh?)

Sprig Restaurant and a new trail, who knew?

IMG_3794So, I went to Sprig Restaurant for lunch, it was so very good! I had the veggie plate. Veggie PlateCollard greens, spinach and mashed potatoes with corn bread. It was awesome. Service could not have been better. SprigGreat comfy bar too! I really liked the feel of this place. Then going out to my car I noticed this,IMG_3799Frazier Rowe Park, right nest to this restaurant, a trail. IMG_3802It took about 15 minutes to walk and I was deep in too.IMG_3800It was well marked and a fun little hike, but how many more of these are out there? It is so fun!

IMG_3809This was on the bridge. Well I have to go walk now. Searching for a new trail.

Wow Morningside Nature Preserve!

IMG_3615I have to be honest, when I first got here I had my doubts.IMG_3614This was part of the beginning view. Hmm, I am not sure how great this is going to be, but boy was I wrong! IMG_3622Happy to get going.IMG_3623It is a spectacular trail in the middle of the city. IMG_3626It actually turns into a real trail. With a cool bridge.IMG_3630Right in the middle of it. Then it ends here.IMG_3638So, you have to go back.IMG_3639This was one of my favorite places I have found yet. IMG_3633Have you been here? Did you like it?IMG_3635

Piedmont Park (again)

IMG_3425Piedmont Park has two dog parks. One for big dogs and one for small dogs. There were two Yorkies and a yellow lab in the small dog park (I think the couple of owners were making a connection, very cute). This is the big dog park. It was an overcast day (obviously)

IMG_3426The park is huge and absolutely lovely. It is a great time to visit because it is so cool and not too crowded.IMG_3433This is the pool, which is closed now but just so beautiful. IMG_3435Another shot, I thought I had a shot of the bath house, I will have to look. In this shot you can see the lake behind the pool. So peaceful! IMG_3436They were having something called Wonderlust 108, Music, yoga, games it was wonderful music to walk around the park to.IMG_3446There was a photo shoot on the gazebo.IMG_3460Lots of softball, and beach volleyball going on.IMG_3459Atlanta Botanical Gardens are right next door, we should go visit soon!

Angels Among Us – Emory Point

Angels Among Us is an amazing rescue group. They rescue tons of dogs and cats and have amazing volunteers, that help to foster and show up on weekends for these events. IMG_3162You can “Like” them on Facebook and help with donations or fostering or adopting. Let me show you some of the sweet sweet faces…IMG_3155Cute older sweet Itto. IMG_3174This wonderful person fosters so many pups! She is amazing.

 IMG_3179This is a cute sweet little puppy. IMG_3189How about this face? IMG_3165This one kept trying to kiss me while I was just trying to take a photo, sweetie!

This is an amazing organization. They have these every weekend all over the place. If you are even considering adopting, you really should look into them! Please let me know if you have any questions. (They have a lot of great cats and kittens too)

Visit to a Spectacular Place

ImageThis is BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.  A Mandir is a Hindu place of worship. My photos don’t do it justice. It left me in awe and and in an overwhelming sense of peace.  No photos can be taken inside.

This Mandir was inaugurated in 2007. More than 34,000 individual pieces were carved by hand in India, shipped to the USA and assembled in Lilburn Georgia like a grand 3 D puzzle. It is amazing!

ImageMandir is comprised of 3 different types of stone, Turkish Limestone, Italian Marble, and Indian Pink Sandstone.

IMG_1585This is an unbelievable  experience.