Off the TRAIL !

Coop and I decided to go off the trail today and this is what we saw.IMG_4055Lots of graffiti.IMG_4057and more graffitiIMG_4060oh wait there was even more graffiti.IMG_4065But if you look closely, it is really some cool artwork. Then we went down to the creek.IMG_4073It was really nice out today.IMG_4076Then we had to get back to the trail.IMG_4077Up this little hill, and then we found it.IMG_4082It was a great day for exploring. IMG_4079can you see the chimney? IMG_4064This is where the original Decatur water works were like a million years ago. Now it’s just ruins or canvas for graffiti. There are a lot more trails off the trail so new adventures await. Coop was really pooped afterwards. IMG_4053

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