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Ice off the Trail

It was really super cold in Atlanta last week, not as cold as up North but cold for us southerners. So, Coop wanted to go off the trail…IMG_4523He is very persuasive.IMG_4528So we walked down to the dam.IMG_4535I am going to go on the other side to see if I can get a better picture. IMG_4537They knocked a hole in the dam so, the creek could flow through. IMG_4545Then I saw the ice on the rock. IMG_4546

We came across this cute bench off the trail. IMG_4551Well the weather people are reporting we might get snow again tonight. Things go crazy if there might be snow or if there is snow. People hoard bread and milk, go figure….I just make sure I get to the liquor store.

Off the TRAIL !

Coop and I decided to go off the trail today and this is what we saw.IMG_4055Lots of graffiti.IMG_4057and more graffitiIMG_4060oh wait there was even more graffiti.IMG_4065But if you look closely, it is really some cool artwork. Then we went down to the creek.IMG_4073It was really nice out today.IMG_4076Then we had to get back to the trail.IMG_4077Up this little hill, and then we found it.IMG_4082It was a great day for exploring. IMG_4079can you see the chimney? IMG_4064This is where the original Decatur water works were like a million years ago. Now it’s just ruins or canvas for graffiti. There are a lot more trails off the trail so new adventures await. Coop was really pooped afterwards. IMG_4053

Mason Mill Park, and we went off trail….

IMG_3833Fall is in the air and I love Mason Mill Park. There is the Garden.IMG_3843    IMG_3844    IMG_3848    IMG_3849They have a senior center and a great playground that is always crowded.IMG_3853Coop loves it!IMG_3857Then we headed down the trail.IMG_3863Here is some of the colorful graffiti. I will try and get some photos of some more of it. Anyway, then there is this tree….IMG_3867this tree sticks its tongue out at me every time we pass it. To continue our walk, we decided to go off trail, on a very safe looking trail. IMG_3868Oh whoops before we went off trail we spotted a turtle.Now off trail, IMG_3874this is where we went. It went along the railroad track. IMG_3875It ends out here….IMG_3879In the neighborhood. which way should I go?

IMG_3884I made it back to the trail and autumn is here!