Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House

I was craving Fish Stew. It was grey and rainy out so, comfort food was in my head. Six Feet Under 5First the name Six Feet Under, their first location is across from Oakland Cemetery, a really big cemetery (people are dying to get into it!) A lot of old famous Atlantans are buried there. Margaret Mitchell and Bobby Jones to name a couple.

So, that one was so successful they added another one in the westside of Atlanta. Six Feet Under 6They have these cool prints of Atlanta and lots of photos of Oakland Cemetery.Six Feet Under 4It was extremely busy, but they seated me right away. My waiter Harley, great guy, not the quickest fellow, but he did have a few tables. He made up for his tardiness by being really super nice. I started with this. Six Feet Under 2Two Stone Crab Claws! Yahoo!

Then the yummy Fish Stew. Six Feet Under 8This Stew is excellent. Shrimp, mussels, scallops, and a huge piece of fish. Two big pieces of bread for dunking!

7 thoughts on “Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House”

  1. I love how America always has that classic American/Hollywood look in the pubs and restaurants. Absolutely beautiful. I hope I have the opportunity to take a road trip round the States someday.

    Have you been to Singapore before btw?

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