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Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House

I was craving Fish Stew. It was grey and rainy out so, comfort food was in my head. Six Feet Under 5First the name Six Feet Under, their first location is across from Oakland Cemetery, a really big cemetery (people are dying to get into it!) A lot of old famous Atlantans are buried there. Margaret Mitchell and Bobby Jones to name a couple.

So, that one was so successful they added another one in the westside of Atlanta. Six Feet Under 6They have these cool prints of Atlanta and lots of photos of Oakland Cemetery.Six Feet Under 4It was extremely busy, but they seated me right away. My waiter Harley, great guy, not the quickest fellow, but he did have a few tables. He made up for his tardiness by being really super nice. I started with this. Six Feet Under 2Two Stone Crab Claws! Yahoo!

Then the yummy Fish Stew. Six Feet Under 8This Stew is excellent. Shrimp, mussels, scallops, and a huge piece of fish. Two big pieces of bread for dunking!

Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House….

IMG_3953Six Feet Under is a great place to grab a meal, the food is always great and plentiful and the view is excellent. IMG_3942They were running a special, serving my all time favorite food, Stone Crab Claws! So, my wonderful neighbor Will and I headed over. IMG_3956

We started with this! IMG_3947That is a spicy Bloody Mary with a shot of Guiness, who would of thought that would work? Excellent!!! Okay, I did not take any photos of the food, it was so much and so great! The Stone Crab Claws are excellent. We had the Extra Spicy Dragon Toes, Habenero peppers stuffed with scallops wrapped in crispy bacon. The jalepeno hush puppies were so great too. Let me just say this, our waiter was impressed by us, I guess I really shouldn’t brag, but it was oh so great. If you like Stone Crab Claws run, if you like good food, great views go too!

Oakland Cemetery

ImageImageImageImageImageOakland Cemetery is a great place to visit for the day. I went for a two hour tour this morning, it was a really quick two hours. So many things to see, Bobby Jone’s grave site, has a golf hole next to his headstone. So many interesting facts and people. The tour this morning was given by volunteer and my friend Melissa, she did an outstanding job.

After the tour you can keep going around the cemetery or go get some lunch at Six Feet Under (that’s what I did, oh you get a $5.00 discount) I ordered the seafood stew with fried green tomatoes and jalapeno hushpuppies. Yes, it was a lot of food, but, they have to go boxes. It was very good. The stew was great, good spice and flavor, with the seafood cooked perfectly. The fried green tomatoes were very good, the sauce on them was awesome. The hushpuppies were just okay, but my dad makes the best hushpuppies, so, it is hard to compare. ImageLet me know if you make it out there, or if you have any questions. Happy Weekend!!!