Flow of the New Year

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Eric Tonningsen's Awakening to Awareness

Flow of the New Year-1

This WordPress community overflows with talented bloggers. We are fortunate to learn from and appreciate one another via our virtual ‘works.’ Truth be acknowledged, some of us have our favorites.

To welcome 2015 I invited Randy Collis to guest author on this blog. His philosophies and photography have mesmerized many, as evidenced in his stunning posts at China Sojourns Photography. In my opinion, his posts are equal parts wisdom, beauty and inspiration. Following are his welcome words. Thank you, Randy.

The New Year ~ these three words bring inspiration and even desperation for many. A New Year can mean an opportunity to re-set life or to continue an upwards trajectory.

It is exciting as it is terrifying, planning a path of success for 2015.  New decisions to be made; decisions that twist stomachs and souls like nothing else as the fear of failure and consequences await.

Flow of the New Year-2

The more we dwell…

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