New Year – Great Time to Walk!

walk 2I am getting ahead of myself, because someone didn’t want to go for a walk….walk 3Okay, it was a little chilly when we started in the 30’s, but it was so beautiful! We headed out for the trail.Creek TrailIt is about a mile to get to the trail on Miss Cheshire Bridge Rd. walk 1Yes we saw this blooming on the way. walk 6It really is a great walk. We all need to explore and find new finds and fun things to see and do and when it is this easy we are just so fortunate! Happy New Year to all!!!walk 7

4 thoughts on “New Year – Great Time to Walk!”

  1. one of my resolutions has been to go for more walks this winter, problem is it has been close to -30 (yes, minus) here lately!! Instead have been walking up and down the stairs of my home (inside) lots

    1. Too cold for anything. It has been rainy here, so yesterday I went to the mall and walked up and down and up the stairs and down. Today I went to the grocery store and walked up and down every aisle.It is warm here 45 degrees. Stay warm! Did you get a fitbit?

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