A Walk Around the Block

I wanted to take you around the block with Coop and me. So here we go, IMG_4254Here we go up the driveway. One of the reasons we love the neighborhood is it feels like we are in the country, but we are in the city. Up the road IMG_4260High tension wires, so that is one not so nice thing. Then up on Sheridan there is a lovely church….IMG_4269This is a great neighborhood. IMG_4277The little ledge that Coop loves to walk on the top of…..IMG_4281Yep on the wall walk….IMG_4291Then there is this house…IMG_4296They just built it, they tore down a cute small house and built this HUGE House.IMG_4312This was a daughter/daddy project from the folks on the corner. I love it! So, that is a brief look at our walk, we love it, hope you did too!

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