Krog Street Market

Staycationers there is a new hip place to go, Krog Street Market (but don’t ask Siri, she doesn’t know how to get there).

IMG_4329It is so cool. It has a bar right when you walk in, who doesn’t love that?IMG_4325Hop City!

I was looking for Fred’s Meat and Bread, I mean the name itself is just great, don’t you think? On the way there I passed a florist, a tart shop, IMG_4326a pet store, Jeni’s Ice cream, the Spotted Trotter – Meats cheeses and sausages (which are meats) So right before Fred’s Meat and Bread, there is Yalla, a Mediterranean restaurant. Before that there is Grand Champion BBQ, So  the lady working there IMG_4321persuaded me to give it a try. IMG_4318So I ask the guy what is the best thing on the menu, pulled pork, so, I got a pulled pork sandwich and macaroni and cheese. BBQ 2BBQ1can you see how much you get? It was so good and you cannot eat it all. I made it through a half of sandwich. Now I have to go back and try all of the other places. I can’t wait. IMG_4323

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