The Pig and The Pearl

The Pig and The Pearl is a relatively new restaurant at Atlantic Station. It is really beautiful. Pig n Peearl 2When I arrived a little after noon, there was one other table with two people. I started with Smoked Devil Eggs with eggplant carpnota and crispy shallots.Pig n Pearl 3There were 3 of them.They were excellent. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich for lunch Pig n Pearl 6It was very good. The Fries were great. The pickle was not good. My waitress was super sweet, but service was slow, and there weren’t any people there, I would hate to be there with a crowd. Pig n Pearl 4I think it will be a challenge to keep this place open for lunch, maybe it is packed at dinner.

There are so many good restaurants at Atlantic Station. IMG_1262It’s a fun place to get away. IMG_1260

4 thoughts on “The Pig and The Pearl”

      1. No at Atlantic Station. It is a mixed use complex and really big. It has apartments, condos, town homes, clothing stores, a movie theater, A Target and an Ikea.

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