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Johnny’s Barbecue in Powder Springs

IMG_7658This is not a review, just a view and some comments. Traveling to Patak’s yesterday I decided to stop in here for lunch. Always up for barbecue, I thought I would give it a try. It was a big open room with a country store on the side. IMG_7656

I asked my sweet waitress what she recommended, and she started talking and I thought I was in a foreign land. She had a super strong accent, southern,(yes I am from the south but sometimes it’s a blur)  but she was talking so fast also, and something about everyone orders the hickory fries, so she guessed that would be the thing to get. It was cheese fries with BBQ on top and your choice of salad dressing. So, I thought I would try it. I ordered the small, thank goodness. Their hot sauce is very HOT. It was good, really. I just don’t usually get that sort of thing, but I love a good fry! Here’s the kicker though, the check came. It was only $3.50. Now, you can’t beat that. I would like to try their chicken next time.


It was cute and kitschy. I will be back to try more.

Quest for the BEST BBQ Ribs

images-2 To be honest, I have been working on this one for a while. I have two favorites, so, that was making it tough. Fox Bros. BBQ and Community Q are my favorites. images-5 and Unknown-4

Fox Bros. has the Totinator – images-7Tatertots covered in Brisket chili and smothered in cheese. They have awesome wings too.Unknown-5They also have fried ribs, yep, how wonderful….images-8

Then I love Community Q’s BarBQue too. Their ribs are greatUnknown-1 and I love their brisket. The BEST thing they have is the Mac n Cheese…Unknown-2It’s this longer thicker rigatoni pasta with so much cheese gooeyness. It will bring tears to your eyes.

But then I had my eye on The Greater Good BBQ in Tucker. UnknownTheir ribs are amazing. I order them dry, because I want to taste the smoke, then if I want to sauce them I can pick the amount and flavor. I didn’t try their mac n cheese. But their greens are the best I have had in town.images-3Their onion rings were awesome also…images-4They were light but held together to the bite.

The recap is this, I have to pick in order of the best ribs, #1 – Fox Brothers, #2 – The Greater Good, #3 – Community Q.

(I did try DBA BBQ today and their ribs are a little dry, but, they have the best fried pickles I have ever had, with two pieces of fried bacon on top OMG)

The Pig and The Pearl

The Pig and The Pearl is a relatively new restaurant at Atlantic Station. It is really beautiful. Pig n Peearl 2When I arrived a little after noon, there was one other table with two people. I started with Smoked Devil Eggs with eggplant carpnota and crispy shallots.Pig n Pearl 3There were 3 of them.They were excellent. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich for lunch Pig n Pearl 6It was very good. The Fries were great. The pickle was not good. My waitress was super sweet, but service was slow, and there weren’t any people there, I would hate to be there with a crowd. Pig n Pearl 4I think it will be a challenge to keep this place open for lunch, maybe it is packed at dinner.

There are so many good restaurants at Atlantic Station. IMG_1262It’s a fun place to get away. IMG_1260

Krog Street Market

Staycationers there is a new hip place to go, Krog Street Market (but don’t ask Siri, she doesn’t know how to get there).

IMG_4329It is so cool. It has a bar right when you walk in, who doesn’t love that?IMG_4325Hop City!

I was looking for Fred’s Meat and Bread, I mean the name itself is just great, don’t you think? On the way there I passed a florist, a tart shop, IMG_4326a pet store, Jeni’s Ice cream, the Spotted Trotter – Meats cheeses and sausages (which are meats) So right before Fred’s Meat and Bread, there is Yalla, a Mediterranean restaurant. Before that there is Grand Champion BBQ, So  the lady working there IMG_4321persuaded me to give it a try. IMG_4318So I ask the guy what is the best thing on the menu, pulled pork, so, I got a pulled pork sandwich and macaroni and cheese. BBQ 2BBQ1can you see how much you get? It was so good and you cannot eat it all. I made it through a half of sandwich. Now I have to go back and try all of the other places. I can’t wait. IMG_4323