North Fork Creekside Trail

Creek TrailWe woke up this morning to snow. It really improved this afternoon, so we (Coop and I), walked to the trail.Trail 9It was about 45 degrees and sunny. A beautiful walk! We came across these guys.Trail 2It is like a beach underneath the expressway.Trail 3A smelly dirty beach but a beach, oh with homeless people. Then we crossed the bridge.

Trail 7Cool huh? But the most exciting part of the walk was across LaVista. They have started a new part to the trail.Trail 16Crazy, it says the trail will take you to Emory University, which is quite a way away. Trail 12It is still a little mucky and rustic, but hey it’s a trail on a beautiful day.

We did come across a few questionable items.Trail 1How do you lose one shoe? Trail 14There were actually two shopping carts. Oh and as we were walking home we walked through a Wells Fargo drive through, where a super nice teller gave Coop a dog bone. He is a picky eater, but he loved the milk bone. What a great ending to a great walk!

6 thoughts on “North Fork Creekside Trail”

  1. One shoe…. Ha ha ha! That is odd; perhaps it was stolen and discarded or worn out. 🙂

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