Fred’s Meat and Bread

I went walking on a part of the Beltway and ran into Krog Street Market…IMG_6057Inside the market and a lot of food stalls and flowers and chocolate and a charcuterie. It is an awesome place to visit if you get the chance.

Freds 1One of the places is Fred’s Meat and Bread. The menu is intriguing. A spicy korean chicken sandwich caught my eye, but I was there for the cheese steak. (Whoa I am so glad I stuck to my guns)

Freds 3 This sandwich was out of this world good, no great! Freds 2This is the BEST cheesesteak I have ever had in Atlanta!  Freds 4     Freds 5

After you are done go outside and visit this ultra cute giftstore….IMG_6060

IMG_6061    IMG_6062It was just charming. Go visit soon!

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