Beltline to Inman Park….

IMG_3773IMG_6102If you go this way on the Beltline, you end up in Piedmont Park, but if you go the other way you end up in Inman Park. IMG_6057Piedmont Park, is a park with grass and trees and a pool and dog parks. IMG_3423Inman Park is a neighborhood with homes and apartments and lots of great restaurants.IMG_6078   IMG_6081This is the patio at Kevin Rathbun’s Steak, it smells great. IMG_6072This is a super cool mural that if you look closely, the woman is on scaffolding and painting. This is for The Icebox, a great promotional producer. T-shirts Hats Jackets etc.IMG_6092Parish a yummy awesome restaurant.IMG_6091 Oh and there is some really cool artwork along the way. IMG_6096Oh and there is a skatepark.IMG_3773  IMG_3786This is a great fun way to spend the day and if walking isn’t your thing, there are bike rental places. It is really fun!

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