Possum drops in for a visit –

I do not recommend this for a Staycation…

Last night around 6:00, there was a huge crash in my living room. My ceiling caved in and a big ole possum darted into my dining room. I grabbed Coop and threw him in my bedroom. I opened the french doors off of the dining room. I coxed him into the next corner. He was sitting on the heating grate, so, I turned up the heat. I got my vacuum out and turned it on.

Possum 2Here’s the hole the possum dropped into my living room.

I was throwing things out the back door to show him it was open. I threw out Halloween candy, little Nestle Crunch bars, a lemon ( have no idea why) a candle (again do not know why). Finally after an hour and a half, I had the vacuum going, my blow dryer in one hand and a broom in the other, it was about 80 degrees, he finally ran out! Whew.  Here’s the poor little thing.

Possum 1I really did feel sorry for him, but, really wanted him out. I was singing “I will survive” I think that is what pushed him over the edge.

Again, I do not recommend this as a staycation.

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